Some work samples are below.  Please contact me if you are looking for something below that you cannot find.

Check out my blog for other samples.

eLearning  Design and Development

  • Online Course (Interactive) – This eLearning course was built for continuing education using Articulate Rise with embedded Storyline blocks to enable 508 compliance and closed captions on each video.  The design is responsive and intuitive to follow.
  • Video-based Training (Video-based Instruction) – This eLearning course was used heavily in a classroom program.  It was created in Storyline 2, published as SCORM and tracked by the classroom instructors (1 of several of these).
  • Read it/Quiz it Training (SCORM package to track reading materials) – This Storyline course was packaged for addition to training programs using embedded PDFs and quizzing.
  • Video-Based Instruction and Quizzing – We packaged all video files with assessments from our annual convention in this work sample.   I created the layout, packaged the content using our company’s branding using company guidelines

Presentation, Graphic Examples, and Evaluation Results

  • Redesigned Slides – I revamped these slides for use in an online webinar.
  • Evaluation Report – I analyzed survey data and wrote this report for a council.
  • Graphics for marketing – Created these graphics and embedded in a powerpoint to see variety.
  • Homepage Slider images – Created these and embedded them using Bootstrap Carousel.  These were updated to market specific products using our marketing guidelines.

LMS Administration Samples

Video Based Instruction – Branded and packaged dozens of recorded workshops using Storyline and pushed them into a SCORM compliant LMS.  This is one sample of the hundreds that were packaged and loaded.  I designed the wrapper using company branding guidelines.

Synchronous Online and Virtual Training Sessions


  • “Getting Started” Webinar – I conducted this training and sales webinar for dealerships across the country to give a broad product overview (information delivery) of new capabilities with our next gen system.

Virtual Trainings

  • Virtual Training on software platform for our online training platform, which covered system functionality, learning content, and more.

Writing Products (End User Guides and Newsletter)

  • Training Administrator Guide – This is an end-user guide, written for training administrators and users of an online learning management system.  I wrote the content and managed publication and marketing review.
  • Technically Speaking Newsletter – This interactive newsletter was created in Adobe InDesign and published with 3D Issue.  It was an internal magazine, and this was the 1st Edition.  The final edition had embedded animation as part of the final publication.
  • myCourses Quick Start Guide – This guide was written for students to learn how to use the learning system.  When opened in Adobe Reader, students could watch short embedded streaming videos as well as read the content.
  • Communities of Practice – This is a research paper written during graduate school to gauge writing ability.

Instructional Projects

  • Blackboard Grade Center – This was completed during graduate school; however, it was a project completed for the college I worked for at the time.  It was written more as a trainer’s guide.
  • Faculty Training – This was completed for a college to teach instructors the basics of using Blackboard.
  • Webquest for Social Work Course – This activity was used as a culminating project in an Introduction to Social Work course, that was taught fully online.
  • Virtual Field Trip – This was created for a California Geography course for students unable to take the real trip to Yosemite.  It was a collaborative project; however, the website was hard coded using a number of open educational resources.
  • Document Accessibility – I created this site in Dreamweaver for instructors to learn more about document accessibility and Section 508 at our college.  This was an issue from accreditation that was addressed partially through this website.

Software Demonstration Videos

  • Academic Tracker Screencast – This software demonstration is used by students at the college to learn how to analyze their transcripts and see which courses are still left.
  • Academic Pub – this tutorial was created for college faculty.  The software company asked if they could use it for all of their customers and posted to their channel.
  • Microsoft Word Tutorials – These tutorials are some samples posted to my YouTube channel of online lectures created for students so that class time could be spent doing projects with guided instruction.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials – These tutorials are some samples posted to my YouTube channel of online lectures created for students so that class time could be spent doing projects with guided instruction.
  • Blackboard Tutorials – These tutorials were videos created for college faculty while working for a community college district.
  • SharePoint Demos – Completed a series of SharePoint site demonstrations guiding learners on using features within the site.

Website Design / Development Work

  • Q-Construction – This is a website I completed in WordPress for a construction company on a small budget.
  • Rudy’s Friends Dog Training – I trained and consulted with this small business owner, who now runs and updates her own website and social media.
  • SR Forty Three – I consulted on the initial design and development of this website.  The client has since redesigned it.
  • Graduate Coursework – Here are a series of websites created during graduate school.

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