Microsoft Sway App

As open educational resources become more ubiquitous, especially in survey classes, an app I discovered a few years ago from Microsoft Sway, is far better than I originally thought.  The app allows easily integrating images, videos, and Internet resources cohesively, and presenting them in a visual way to your learners.  With built in Creative Commons searches, copyright headaches can be much less worrisome for educators.

I made this short presentation using Microsoft Sway, which covers how to use the free app, considerations for use of media with the built in Creative Commons licensing, as well as a review on the wonderful accessibility that is built right into the app.

Sway is by far, the best app that Microsoft has developed in a while.  With built in accessibility features, a simple user interface, and built in searches for resources to include, the app can change the way you deliver information to your learners.  You can even make it more interactive by embedding a form with quiz questions to help your learners check their knowledge.

The good news is that you do not even have to start from scratch.  Take an old boring document and use it to create a highly appealing report.  Have a PowerPoint that needs sprucing up?  Upload it and watch how Sway converts it into cards for you.  The best thing is the ease of inserting images, videos, media, and even Microsoft Forms.

Educators, teachers, and instructional designers wishing to benefit from a new app and new way to present, I highly recommend that you check out this free app from Microsoft, and perhaps even have your students use it as a means to turn in an assignment in a brand new way!

The very best thing is that you only need a browser to get started.  Check out for more to get the free app.

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