What is Articulate Storyline 2?

This is the first of a series of videos covering how to use Articulate Storyline 2. In this video we cover the basics of Articulate Storyline versus Articulate Studio, who uses the software, the basics of eLearning, and finally a few key tips to keep in mind when designing eLearning that makes it effective. We hope you enjoy the video series.

Look at the playlist on my channel for additional videos covering how to create Articulate Storyline 2 presentations, using assets such as images and audio, as well as other elements. We also have videos that cover how to use video and other media. We cover how to assess learners knowledge with quizzing slides. We will also have videos that cover publishing options with Articulare Storyline, including publishing to an LMS or learning management system, using SCORM, publishing to CD, and even exporting slides to Word to allow for editing designs.

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