PowerPoint Tip – Create a Torn Edge Effect inside of PowerPoint!

Sometimes, your place of employment may not have the funds for fun software like Snagit by TechSmith.  This was the case with me recently, so I have really been honing my skills on PowerPoint and using a lot of the embedded image editing tools to make our training look more professional.

Today, I was making a slide that reviews some learning materials that was covered previously, in order to bring that into my learners working memory.  I only had enough space on my slide to keep a portion of an image that I created in a previous module, and was wishing for a torn edge tool.  Not having Snagit or Adobe Photoshop, I went on a short quest to see if I could do it inside of Paint.net or PowerPoint.  Low and behold, I figured out how to accomplish just that using this great video tutorial  by slhice on Screenr.  Thank you so much for this tip worth sharing!

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