Change Agents in Educational Technology

Luppicini’s (2005) stated that educational technologists are change agents. Someone mentioned earlier that this might be a theory all in itself, but being in my position for the past three years as an “Educational Technology Specialist” at our college, I can say that this definition is worth merit, at least in my perception. I tend to introduce even our technology savvy instructors to new tools (many times they end up using) that act as change agents to how they instruct their students. Also, in implementing new systems at our college, they always bring about changes in the way that we do business as a college (ie, the way we engage and instruct our students). So a lot of what I do tends to bring about change. In fact, when Luppicini (2005) was describing other possibilities with the definition of educational technologists and how they “act as learning consultant, an educational materials producer, a manager of learning resources,” I thought he was listing my job duties and responsibilities.

Luppicini, R. (2005). A systems definition of educational technology in society. Educational Technology & Society, 8 (3), 103-109. Retrieved September 8, 2010 from

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